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SIGER Digital dental CR imaging system TR-100

The Imaging Plate Scanner is a fully automatic smart device forimage acquisition and digital presentation of the final image. Itsaves time and improves the work efficiency for users.
Present high quality image

The image gray levels can reach up to 16-Bit and the imageis presented vividly with higher precision and definition.Powerful image software and user-friendly function design.Comprehensive image software makes image analysisfaster and easier.Multiple patents provide technical assurance for high defini-tion image
Full-auto scanning, simple and convenient

Full-auto scanning, digital images can be scanned within 10seconds.Intelligent stretchable tray reduces the extrusion of image plateand avoids image skew and shadow.Indicator light prompt-function-always on is in ready mode andflicker is in working mode
Digital image carrier (slim and soft image plate)

As thin as 0.4mm, making it easier for imaging of all kinds of teeth.Bendable, 100% view area.4 sizes are available, each of which can be reused more than 1,000times.Environmental friendly, avoid chemical pollution.
Technical parameters

Image Plate Size S0,S1,S2,S3

Spatial Resolution 15 lp/mm

Image Gray Levels 65536,16 bits

Scan Time <10S

Network Connection LAN
Τιμή πώλησης 3000,00 €
Τιμή / λ.:

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